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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going Green with Grain

Last week I participated in a public relations case competition hosted by Optimum Public Relations.  The challenge was to come up with a comprehensive communications strategy for the Grain Farmers of Ontario. The "campaign" was designed to promote how grains are being used instead of petroleum products in everyday items like furniture. I worked with four of my colleagues on this program.

I was asked by a few people to share the Prezi that I developed for the creative e-pitch. Embedded in the Prezi is a video that I also made.

What do you think about this idea of using grains to make other products? It seems reasonable enough, doesn't it?  But are corn couches the next ethanol? Will they use up costly agricultural resources and inflate grain prices in order to meet a new need? Certainly grain farmers would be happy, but probably not cattle farmers who use those same grains to feed their livestock!

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