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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Time Travel and Public Relations

If you could ask future you three questions, what would you ask?  What would you want to know? Would you take your own advice?

Yesterday was the last day of the semester in PR school at Humber.  To mark the occasion, social media instructor, and all-around insightful guy, Micheal Cayley turned the class over to us to discuss the future.

Jenna Stothers and I took the lead, and organized Future Camp - an event designed to stimulate discussion around maintaining social capital and staying connected as a network of public relations professionals.  It was casual, interactive and a whole lot of fun.

The day focused on three aspects:
  1. The Future: Together
  2. The creation of a digital time capsule
  3. The Google Doc Shuffle

Overall, Future Camp was inspiring.  I was impressed to see the class come together, recognizing the value of maintaining our real-life and digital networks.  Though we still have four months of PR school ahead of us, Future Camp was helpful in proactively nurturing relationships to ensure a robust network.

After all, the interconnectedness of social media is incredible, but it will never replace good-ol'-fashioned face-to-face social capital.

Happy future.

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