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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Three Days and 16,000 Twitter Followers

Conan O'Brien has 573,000 odd followers on Twitter.  He doesn't follow anyone back.

That is ... he didn't before Friday, March 5th.

Then he tweeted this:

... and followed Sarah Killen at random.

Sarah now boasts 15,896 followers.  Talk about star power.  This graph shows the number of people following her, and the utter explosion of followers after Conan's tweet.

Out of curiosity, I started following Sarah too.  It will be interesting to see how this affects her personal brand, and where else Conan plans to go with his newest friend!

How might Sarah leverage this exit from anonymity?

If you were going to get a boost from any celebrity, who would it be? President ObamaLance ArmstrongThe Dalai LamaMichael Ignatieff?

Me? I think I would go with Stephen Colbert.  I think the Colbert Bump would do my personal brand some good!


  1. Wow. That is a really interesting question.

    Conan really put on an impressive display of social capital in action with this one.

    It is a pretty interesting context. Could anyone have that kind of impact in another context?

    In Canada ... who are the real king makers?

    It might be nice to Ivan Fecan pulling for you?

    The Desmarais and Thomson families could probably move things along for someone.

    On twitter???

    In Canada, it does look like twitter power is necessary equal to real power.

    I am going to go with Al Gore.


  2. correction ... it should read above ...

    "It does not look like twitter power is necessarily equal to real power in Canada."

  3. fascinating post, Zack!