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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

College vs. University


I was recently discussing some of the differences between college and university.

Jeff, one of my colleagues, astutely observed:

"In university I was taught about the past and why; 
in college I'm taught about the future and how."

I think there's a lot of truth to this.  Thanks Jeff.  It makes me think about some of the differences between college and university - especially post-graduate programs.  Hmmm ...


  1. Thanks dude! I'm glad my generalizations hold some value, haha

  2. One way that I've thought about the difference is that college teaches students WHAT to think, and university teaches students HOW to think.

    I know this comes of as sounding pejorative against college, but here's what I mean: college learning is very useful in the real world, while university learning seems rather benign most of the time. Yet, in my experience, while college grads know more technical skills, university seems to impart certain reasoning skills that pure college grads don't quite have.

    That's probably why college grads make all the money, and university grads live with their mom. But man can they think... about how much it sucks.

  3. Mark - thanks so much for the comment. You make some good points.

    Ultimately, I think the University-College combo is the real winner in the end. As a university graduate in a college graduate-level professional program, I certainly see the benefit of the combination. It allows me to apply the "how to think" that was honed in University in conjunction with the "what" to think in order to succeed a competitive workplace.