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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Volunteers Wanted: The TTC Tweets Toronto (and TO Tweets Back)

Steve O'Brien has been named volunteer head of the TTC's customer service advisory panel.  A tough job for sure, and he's doing it for free.

The volunteer panel has been set up to:
  • Examine challenges and criticisms facing the TTC
  • Draft a passenger's Charter of Rights
  • Recommend how TTC employees can improve the experience of riding the system.
The recommendations from the commission are slated to be ready by the end of June.

Today, Brad Ross (@bradTTC), the director of communications at the TTC sent out the following tweet:
Ok riders, looking for 1 public member for the cust. serv. panel. Tell us why it should be you in 140 char. Pls use #TTCpanel
I like it.  His call to action is being widely re-tweeted by Torontonians, and responses are flooding in.  Here are a few (yes, including my own).

@tamera I'd be a great fit for the #TTCpanel b/c I understand that you need more than one member of the public to get meaningful change

@pronosher #TTCpanel born in TO lived here all my life , have metropass since concept was introduced & know how to measure the experience

@mmarmoset I'm committed, optimistic, realistic, creative, diplomatic & articulate. Vision: riders & empl have positive experience & opinion #ttcpanel

@ZackSandorKerr Believer in pub. transit;Advocate for change;Mindful of TTC challenges;Open-minded;Daily rider; Neither jaded nor out to get TTC #TTCpanel
#TTCPanel@karimawad RT @daveaduncan: I love public transit and want to make it better for everyone; riders, union and management. Everyone can win. #TTCpanel    
What a great way to gauge the public and mobilize the social media community to promote change!  It's like American Idol in 140 characters!  Way to embody the values of Pizza Friday ... community, collaboration, creativity, connectedness!

Is one position enough??

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