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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tony Blair: Under Arrest for Crimes Against Peace?

British environmentalist, Guardian journalist and activist George Monbiot has created a bounty for the citizen's arrest of former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. 


Monbiot declares that Blair's invasion of Iraq constitutes crimes against peace according to the Nuremberg Principles. As well, he argues that it was a violation of articles 33 and 51 of the United Nations Charter.
"Without legal justification, the war with Iraq was an act of mass murder: those who died were unlawfully killed by the people who commissioned it. So today I am launching a website — www.arrestblair.org — whose purpose is to raise money as a reward for people attempting a peaceful citizen's arrest of the former prime minister.

"I have put up the first £100 and I encourage you to match it. Anyone meeting the rules I've laid down will be entitled to one quarter of the total pot: the bounties will remain available until Blair faces a court of law. The higher the reward, the greater the number of people who are likely to try."

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