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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Real-Life Personal Branding with Threadless T-Shirts

I like t-shirts.  They can be a "real-life" way of expressing a personal brand.  From the silly to the profound to the downright offensive, I think t-shirts say something about the wearer's personal brand.

My favourite go-to place for t-shirts is threadless.com.  Threadless is an online t-shirt store that prints shirts designed by members of its online community.

Here's how it works:

1) You have a doodle, slogan or drawing that you think would make a great t-shirt.
2) You submit it to Threadless for review.
3) Threadless posts your t-shirt design, and then members of the community rate your t-shirt from 1-5.
4) If the shirt is rated highly enough, threadless prints your t-shirt to sell on its online store.
5) You get paid - $2,000 cash and a $500 gift certificate.  If the shirt is so popular that it is reprinted, you are paid an additional $500.


It's a community that connects online to collaborate and share and produce creative t-shirts!  Fantastic.

There are some really cool shirts on threadless - check it out.  Maybe you'll want to pick out something that reflects your real-life personal brand!

The threadless community is huge.  Whenever I wear my threadless t-shirts out, I'm always stopped by someone who has seen that shirt online.

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