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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Personal Branding in 3 Easy Steps: Extract, Express, Exude

After Personal Brand Camp II (#pbCamp2) and the Third Tuesday Event with Mitch Joel, I have a clearer understanding of personal brand, what it's all about and why it matters.

First of all, personal brand isn't something artificial or contrived.  It's not something that I conjure from the ether and declare "me" or "mine."  I already have a personal brand.  So do you.

Your personal brand is reflected in your online identity - your digital footprint.  It's your Facebook profile, the pictures you post, your tweets and what comes up when you Google yourself.  Your personal brand isn't about what you think it is.  It's what Google says it is.

The key is to nuance and tweak your personal brand to put you in control of it.  This is a deliberate, but straightforward process.

Is it important?  Absolutely. Your personal brand allows you to stand out, and let your personality and passions inform who you are.  It allows you to forge connections and build online and real-life communities.  It should reflect your own values and goals.

At pbCamp2, personal brand strategist Paul Copcutt outlined the basics of building a personal brand.  He outlined it as follows:

My colleague Jenna Strothers wrote an excellent summary of Paul's advice.

Authenticity is key.

Happy branding.


  1. Hey Zack, a pleasure to have met you and glad you got some key takeaways from the PBCamp2.

    Do not forget the core foundation building that is necessary (or as Mitch outlined the conversations with yourself and 1:1) before you go online (and have the conversations with many).
    Just my toonies worth

  2. Hi Paul. You make an important point. Before jumping in, we need to think about the brand strategy, and talk to people about it. It's extremely useful to engage in conversations with our networks and get their input. It's great to ask:

    "How do others view me?"
    "What do they affiliate with my brand already?"
    "Is that the brand I want to have?"

    This insight is useful in determining how others view us, and how we might engage with our personal brand.