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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pizza Friday: An Introduction

Maybe it’s been a long, arduous week. Perhaps you’ve exhausted all other dinner ideas. You may be settling down for a quiet evening in, or gearing up for a rambunctious night out. In all these situations, I can think of nothing more agreeable than Pizza Friday.

Pizza Friday is a beloved, time-honoured tradition within my family. We have laughed, shared, debated and grown—all while enjoying (usually homemade) pizza.

It is important to know that this isn’t a food blog (though I hope you find it, at times, sumptuous and fulfilling). This is a blog that will chart a course through the field of Public Relations, social media, community development and the occasional frivolity within the context of my own discovery as a blossoming PR practitioner.

But why pizza?

Aspects of my family’s Pizza Fridays converge with many PR ideas, values and other elements that I view as important.

Community. Though pizza enjoyed alone is good, pizza shared with an old friend seems to taste better. As I have been often reminded in class, Public Relations it is usually about building and maintaining relationships. Furthermore, I believe that it is important to establish and cultivate links in the communities we belong to—both virtual and real, in and outside the workplace.

Connectedness. Sharing a meal with someone is an intimate, communal experience that fosters connectedness and facilitates the growth of relationships. Connecting with people creates opportunity to learn, share and produce incredible things. These connections link us to fresh perspectives that we may not have access to when disengaged.

Creativity. Pizza Fridays require a healthy dollop of creativity. Whether you’re substituting something for a missing ingredient, innovating a new taste sensation or pitching your client’s latest news to the media, the realm of creativity takes you from the mundane to the exceptional.

Collaboration. I don’t always supply the cheese (though I do usually make the dough). The best pizzas are the ones where everyone brings something different to the table. Our strengths and frailties are important in who we are, but should not define what we are capable of achieving. Through collaborative action, one’s impact can be profound (and delicious).

I look forward to an appetizing journey.

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  1. It's great to see that the vision of Pizza Friday's grows and is going to be shared! DoD